Tuesday, November 17th, 2015

5 Essential Life Hacks for the Modern Drinker

Whether you spilled your drink on your pants or you forgot your bottle opener, problems can easily arise when you are a booze lover. And, since there is nothing wrong with being a “booze lover”, we have sound 5 essential life hacks to make your drinking experience more enjoyable.

1. We know how to remove stains, even stains as permanent as red wine.
2. We will help you turn any BYOB into a BYOCocktail.
3. Never again will you suffer from purple teeth!
4. Forgot your bottle opener? We have a solution for that!
5. And, what to do when you do not have a corkscrew.


Ever been out on a date, having fun, drinking a glass of red wine and then later notice that your teeth are stained purple? Or maybe you accidentally spilled a bit of your sticky pink cocktail on a pair of work pants?

The troubles that go with being a booze lover can be vast and varied, but more often than not there’s a remedy. No matter if you need to quickly clean off your purple teeth, remove a pesky stain or figure out how to BYOCocktail, there’s a simple (enough) solution.

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Spilled a bit of red wine down the front of your shirt? Again? Fear not: This supposedly unbeatable stain does, indeed, have a match: cold water, lots of salt and, if the situation is dire enough, vinegar. While it may seem too good to be true (and may be if the stain has set too long), Real Simple shows how the formula works.

For all other stains, including sticky cocktails, beer and really most everything else, you’ll want to be sure you have a Tide to Go pen handy. Pre-treat the stain right away and you’re most likely in the clear. But if all else fails, take your stained party-wear to the dry cleaners and let the professionals handle it.


If you’ve ever wished that “BYOB” automatically included cocktails and not only beer and wine, well—are you sure it doesn’t? While there are multiple ways to stash a cocktail on the go—this is why bottled cocktails exist, right?—one of the easiest ways to mix and go is with a trusty Mason jar. You can not only mix one drink in a half pint–sized jar, but you can also mix for a group. Keep in mind, though, that if you go this route, you’ll want to stick with simple drinks. Egg whites and cream won’t travel, but a Manhattan, Martini or Margarita will keep its consistency well. You can even ask for a glass of ice or a bucket to re-chill the drink once you’re at the table.

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