Friday, September 1st, 2017

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Your freezer has many more uses than making ice cubes and keeping your ice cream frozen. Here are some other things you should be storing in your freezer:

  • Rotisserie chicken carcasses
  • Seafood bones and shells
  • Vegetable scraps
  • Parmesan rinds
  • Overripe bananas
  • Bread

Photo by Gilles Paire / Getty Images

Freezers, believe it or not, are good for holding more than bottles of vodka and pints of ice cream. In fact, by keeping a few key staples packed away, you might just save yourself a trip to the grocery when it’s time to whip up dinner.

In addition to frozen fruits and vegetables, which come in handy for recipes such as soups, dips, casseroles and delicious morning smoothies, there are other ingredients that can be repurposed. By storing items like leftover bones and vegetables scraps in reusable plastic bags, you can easily utilize them for other recipes when the time is right.

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