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7 Ways to Cook a Turkey

There are plenty of ways to turn your Thanksgiving turkey into dinner. Thankfully it is no longer “required” of us to spend hours roasting your chicken and keeping an eye on it while you are baking desserts and putting together side dishes. Whether you are a skilled cook or are still new to this whole cooking thing, we have recipes to cover all cooking levels. This year you can try wrapping your turkey in bacon because, let’s be honest, who does not love bacon? For a bit more elegant taste, try the balsamic-glazed roast turkey with pan sauce or the roasted and smoked turkey. If you are trying to cook for a crowd, maybe it would be easiest to roast turkey legs. Or, for a more classic, comforting turkey, try the beer-can turkey, the simple, “best” turkey, or the cider-glazed turkey with lager gravy. So, choose whatever turkey you like best and you will surely have a memorable Thanksgiving dinner.


Rubbed, stuffed, fried, and roasted — there are plenty of ways to turn turkey into dinner.

When it comes to cooking your Thanksgiving turkey there are so many options. Gone are the days when it was either roast the bird or go out for dinner. Over the years, talented cooks have experimented and used their imaginations and come up with a host of approaches to ending up with a beautiful bird on the holiday table. You could take the time-saving approach if you want to, or you could go to a little extra trouble and offer your guests something really special.

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You could go bold this year and roast your turkey with a rub of garlic, chili powder, cumin, crushed red pepper, and ground coriander. You could brighten the bird with a citrus rub based on lemon and orange zest. You can dress up your turkey by wrapping it in bacon or add a kick by cooking it with beer.

If you’re not having loads of people over for Thanksgiving, we even have recipes suitable for smaller crowds. Instead of making the whole turkey, you could make braised turkey legs or stuffed turkey breast. Read on for 25 ways to cook your turkey this Thanksgiving.

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