Friday, November 25th, 2016

9 Food Blogger-Approved Thanksgiving Leftover Hacks

Thanksgiving has come and gone and, if you are anything like us, then you are getting tired of eating turkey sandwiches. So, here are nine Thanksgiving leftover hacks for you and your friends to enjoy:

  • Thanksgiving croquettes
  • Turkey gumbo
  • Spicy turkey cranberry pretzel-wiches
  • Halal cart style turkey and rice
  • Trashed up barbecue turkey pizza
  • Sweet potato pancaked with cranberry maple syrup
  • Turkey pho
  • Golden rasin-apple stuffing cups
  • Pumpkin, sage, and creme fraiche pappardelle

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When you’re tired of turkey sandwiches — and you know you will be — we’ve got you covered with tasty alternative ways to use your Thanksgiving leftovers.

Still got pounds of turkey leftover from your Thanksgiving feast? Or a whole bowl of cranberry sauce? Don’t let your extras go to waste. This year, instead of trying to eat ten turkey sandwiches the weekend after, give one of these nine dishes, all crafted and tested by top food bloggers to use up their own Turkey Day food, a try.

Thanksgiving Croquettes

Recycle several of your Turkey Day dishes with this croquette recipe by Serena Cosmo of the cooking blog, Rustic Plate. These small pan-toasted rolls are made from your leftover mashed potatoes and roasted turkey, and feature — surprise! — an oozy center of cranberry sauce and cream cheese.

Turkey Gumbo

Work your baggies of take-home turkey into this light and mild version of gumbo created by the Steamy Kitchen food blog. The tomatoes, okra, and Polish sausage in this dish will serve as a nice reprieve from the typical Thanksgiving flavors.

Spicy Turkey Cranberry Pretzel-Wiches

We all make sandwiches from our leftover turkey, but why not try a more adventurous take on the Black Friday classic? This recipe by $5 Dinners uses up leftover cranberry sauce as well as turkey, and requires only two other ingredients.

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