College Reunions, Company Picnics, and Food Trucks

Late spring and early summer are popular times for larger get-togethers, such as college reunions and, as we move into summer, company picnics. Organizers are always looking for planning ideas to spice up these occasions, enticing people to participate and, above all, to make sure that they have a great time.



Party and food planning are our specialty. As you probably know, Jerry’s Kitchen offers event catering, including graduations and birthdays parties, throughout the Philadelphia region. We are happy to cater other events as well.

Always keep in mind that what often excites people about events, draws them in and inspires them to talk is food. I know that sounds so obvious that it need not be said (or written). But it can easily be assumed (for good reason) that guests come to an event for the company that they’re going to find there. Or because of some great fun theme that will entertain everyone. Or, in the case of company picnics, because they have no choice.

People love to be surprised, and nothing surprises them like food. Moreover, food is not just what’s on your plate. It also contributes to the ambience, social dynamics, and overall organizational flow, which together make a big contribution to your guests’ pleasure.

If you are a planning a reunion or company picnic (or you know the person who is responsible), why not consider a food truck (or food trucks)? Why, you might wonder. How is a food truck going to create a fun, memorable event?

People love food and they also love food trucks. Food trucks generate excitement even before food is served, and produce all the more excitement after the food starts coming. Today, with food trucks widely celebrated for tasty and creative cuisines, I can promise you that you will attract guests because they are eager to try your food truck fare(s).

So food trucks will give you excitement and draw. In addition, they will also save your guests from assigned or required seating, which often make them feel trapped. Most will want to mingle, especially at a reunion where they will want to talk with old friends and acquaintances. Food trucks lend themselves to that kind of social flow.

Another advantage of food trucks is that the food is ongoing, often served over an extended period, which will help with lines and congestion. Yes, many guests will probably still choose to line-up sooner. But, if you share the time frame for food service, people may opt to continue chatting and queue for food later.

Just a few thoughts to keep in mind in this season of reunions and picnics. Food is fun, and food trucks can make an important contribution to the festive spirit.

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