Having your event catered by food trucks? Here’s what you need to know.

Food truck catering has quickly become a go-to option for event hosts, and for good reason — trucks are a great way to offer guests a variety of food options in a fun, flexible setting. Whether for a neighborhood barbecue or a company-wide team building session, inviting multiple food trucks is a great way to please a crowd without breaking the bank on catering or event planning services. And lucky for you, there are few regions in the country more friendly to this concept than food truck Philadelphia.
Our friends at FoodTrucksIn.com can help you find trucks for your event, and they’ve compiled a helpful blog post of things you should keep in mind as you plan. Here are some highlights:
How many trucks do you need?
A good rule of thumb is to have one food truck for every 200-300 attendees if you’re throwing a food-centric event. If eating won’t be the main attraction, bump that ratio to one truck for every 400-500 guests. Vendors will need a solid attendance estimate to ensure they prepare the right amount of food, so good communication is key!
Diversify your trucks!
Offering a range of food options is better for both your attendees and your vendors. Take a good look at the trucks’ menus side-by-side to make sure that there’s not a ton of overlap. If you’ve got three trucks that specialize in grilled cheese variations, it’s probably time to change things up. Also think about your guests’ preferences and dietary restrictions — it’s usually a good idea to have one or more trucks that offer vegetarian, gluten-free, or vegan options.
Logistics, logistics, logistics
As the event planner, you’re responsible for handling all of the pre-event organization, from local licensing and permits to fees and insurance coverage. You’ll also need to consider set-up times and the layout of the trucks in your event space — keep in mind that your vendors will want to be on flat ground. Plan ahead! Getting these items squared away early will lead to fewer last-minute headaches.
Be sure to read the full article at FoodTrucksIn.com for more tips!

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