Sunday, December 27th, 2015

Every State in the USA, Ranked by its Food/Drink

Have you ever wondered how your state’s food and drink compares to your neighboring state or the whole nation? Well, now we have the answers you have been looking for! The ranking was determined on four questions:

1. What did they produce?
2. What iconic items were they known for?
3. What is their beer/wine/spirits production like?
4. What is the food/drink scene like in their cities?

50. South Dakota
49. North Dakota
48. Utah
47. Iowa
46. Delaware
45. West Virginia
44. Wyoming
43. Nebraska
42. New Hampshire
41. Indiana
40. Montana
39. Idaho
38. Alaska
37. Arkansas
36. Kansas
35. Rhode Island
34. Arizona
33. New Mexico
32. Virginia
31. Connecticut
30. Nevada
29. Oklahoma
28. Ohio
27. Vermont
26. New Jersey
25. South Carolina
24. Florida
23. Minnesota
22. Wisconsin
21. Pennsylvania
20. Michigan
19. Mississippi
18. Maryland
17. Colorado
16. Hawaii
15. Georgia
14. Alabama
13. Massachusetts
12. Missouri
11. North Carolina
10. Maine
9. Kentucky
8. Tennessee
7. Washington
6. Oregon
5. Illinois
4. Louisiana
3. New York
2. Texas
1. California


Screen Shot 2015-12-20 at 2.49.30 PM

During America Week, a parlor game emerged among our editors, in which we discussed what state we’d want to eat and drink in for the rest of our lives if we couldn’t move anywhere else. And, in order to prove each other wrong, we began to research, then really research, and then began to get deep into some weird food forums, and, at the end of it all, we realized we needed to do the most research possible and turn this into a story.

So here is what we did: we ranked states by the food/drink available in that state, focusing on four key questions: 1) What did they produce (beef, oranges, ugh, sorghum?), 2) What iconic items were they known for (Key lime pie? onion burgers?), 3) What is their beer/wine/spirits production like (great breweries/wineries?), and finally 4) What is the food/drink scene like in their cities? Weighing all those factors, here is our by-no-means-scientific ranking. If you disagree and want to tell us how stupid our faces are, well, that’s what Internet commenting forums are all about:

Article continued here.


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