Food Trucks, Community, and Happiness

You may have read recently that food trucks may be returning to The Porch at 30th Street Station, a wide pedestrian walkway with furniture and lighting that sits immediately adjacent to the train station and borders Market Street. The plan is for food trucks to provide breakfast and lunch service in this attractive public space, and possibly even dinner too.

Currently, the plan calls for inviting food trucks during the spring and fall, but there is interest in having them year-round in this public space. Broader menu options will provide a huge boost to the neighborhood, drawing even more people to spend time in this dynamic area.

Food Happiness

This is a great example of how food trucks can be instrumental in helping build community and add to the public good. Jerry’s Kitchen, whether catering in Doylestown, King of Prussia, or Philadelphia (we are active across the entire region), is always eager to bring people together and make them happy—which is, of course, the reason why people want to come together in the first place.

What is happening at the Porch at 30th Street (as well as at food fairs across this region and, for that matter, across the country) is another great example of how food trucks add value at multiple levels to our customers. It is a happy reminder to me of why I went into the food truck business and why I love it.

Above all, food trucks are about creating great food for people to enjoy. There is nothing better than hearing from our customers that they love our food. If our food makes them happy, that makes me happy. I am especially proud that Jerry’s Kitchen can provide delicious food to vegetarians who often have fewer cuisine choices. But why should they? You don’t need meat to create tasty food. In fact, the absence of meat and other animal or fish products can spur even greater taste innovation.

What I also love about food trucks is the ability they offer to connect directly to my customers. Food truck vendors often talk about how much they love interacting with their customers. For food professionals who cook in restaurants, that is something that they miss. In fact, for some food professionals, it is one of the reasons that they decide to launch their own food trucks. Above all, food trucks are—they have to be—about the customer.

What is also great about food trucks is how accessible they are to everyone, no matter where they live. True, you can never reach everyone. But how many more people can you reach in a truck that can show up to any event, whether neighborhood fair, car show, food festival, corporate picnic, or graduation party? I can go to where my customers need and want me—and there is no place that I would rather be. If they like my food and tell their friends and families, their word of mouth will lead me to new neighborhoods and new customers.

It is a great business making people happy.

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