Sunday, September 17th, 2017

Gin Blossoms

Whether or not you already love gin, we have a few more excuses, and or reasons, to be drinking more of it!

  • Gin culture is growing and so are the number gin-dedicated menus and bars
  • Gin is great for sipping, too
  • Gin distillers are getting more and more creative with herbs, roots, spices and barks
  • Artisanal gin is growing in popularity
  • Gin garnishes are getting for more exciting than lemon and lime wedges, think dehydrated fruits, edible flowers, etc.

This evolution comes from both the gin and tonic sides. As more imbibers develop discerning palates for gin, the preferred accompaniment is also receiving a closer look. All-natural tonic brands like Fever-Tree, Double Dutch, 1724 and Fentimans, which focus on using real quinine, have emerged in the market recently. And larger brands are jumping on the trend, too; Bombay Sapphire created Bombay Sapphire East, a gin specifically designed for tonic water. Believe it or not, designer water is currently trending, and gin is reaping the benefits.

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