Philadelphia Vegan Restaurants Offer Food Truck Catering for Weddings

A wedding is arguably one of the most unforgettable experiences one can ever have. While traditional setups and ceremonies remain popular, many would-be couples are looking for a fresher and more unique experience in their wedding. Some desire to tie the knot in Rose Bank Winery, one of Philadelphia’s longest-standing manor houses; while others want it in The Mask and Wig Club of the University of Pennsylvania, the nation’s oldest all male collegiate comedy group.

Even so, not all would-be couples can afford a grandiose wedding in an expensive venue. They would rather try less posh yet creative alternatives for making their wedding unique and memorable. One trend that’s fast becoming popular is hiring a food truck catering service like Jerry’s Kitchen. Unlike traditional catering services that serve food in a more formal indoor reception setting, food truck catering is perfect for outdoor weddings.

Vegan Restaurants and Outdoor Weddings

To save on wedding costs without skimping on quality, a lot of would-be couples turn to vegan restaurants in Philadelphia for catering. Undoubtedly, the absence of meat can help bring down the cost of the food, and the money that would have gone to hundreds of pounds of beef may be used for other wedding essentials. Vegan meals from innovative caterers will also be far from boring.

Celebrating a wedding outdoors can also help reduce expenses, thus outdoor weddings do not need posh setups and lighting. A food truck parked right next to the hall will make the reception area look distinctive, nothing like ordinary hotel weddings. Wherever the couple wants to hold their wedding reception, a food truck can find a good spot to park and serve the visitors.

Considerations When Choosing a Food Truck

When hiring a Philadelphia food truck catering service, there are a few things you need to consider. Permit, for instance, is a crucial requirement that you have to secure when using food truck catering. However, most food truck caterers handle the processing of the permits themselves, so clients don’t have to worry about them. To be sure, however, ask a potential caterer about this.

The number of trucks to hire should also be taken into account since one may not be enough for a huge crowd. Multiple trucks may be required for weddings with many guests. This should not be a cause for concern with providers like Jerry’s Kitchen, who promise not only a good experience for their clients with their efficient service, but also delicious meals perfect for those who prefer a vegan diet.


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