Sunday, June 5th, 2016

Popsicles: A Great Adult Summer Dessert Too!

One of the great trends of our current foodie revolution is re-imaging traditional kids’ foods for adults by “upping” their game, so to speak. All sorts of dishes are being re-invented for more sophisticated palates, which is great fun and wonderfully creative work.

Popsicles are among those re-inventions. Now that the summer is near, why not consider trying some new popsicles ideas for dessert? Of course, popsicles in other countries, like Mexico, have long been made for and eaten by adults, as well as kids. But in our country, they have been regarded as kids’ desserts, which come in boxes and plastic wrappers.

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But there is a whole world of popsicle possibility beyond this. Let me share a few general ideas, then give you some beginning steps that you can take in the kitchen.

Popsicle Flavor Ideas

Natural fruit: Fruit flavors are always a favorite. Just think of your favorite fruit, and you can probably make it into a popsicle in your kitchen. You can also combine fruit flavors for even more delicious creations.

Decadent: What if you like sweet or rich desserts? Imagine popsicles as frozen root beer floats or hot chocolate, or with chocolate caramel or chocolate peanut butter flavors? There are recipes for these ideas and many more decadent ones.

After-Meal Cocktails: If you are making adult desserts, why not make them into an after-meal cocktail as well? How about putting some tequila in a watermelon popsicle? Or some vodka into pineapple or lemon popsicles?

Popsicle Making Guidance

Of course, these ideas all sound great. But how do you actually make them? Is it just as simple as pouring a mix of pureed ingredients into a popsicles molds?

That is the general idea, and one of the final steps is pouring your popsicle mix into molds. But before you reach that step, here are some of other steps to keep in mind:

  • Make sure to use the best and freshest ingredients. This may seem obvious. But there may be a temptation to make popsicles out of what is hanging around your fridge.
  • Confirm if the popsicle that you wish to make needs a base or can be poured directly into molds. Even natural fruit popsicles may require you to make a base (akin to a soup base) for successful results.
  • For fruit popsicles, decide if you want smoother or chunkier textures. This will help decide how long to blend them.
  • When freezing them, make sure to leave room at the top for popsicles to expand. Also, if you are not using molds with lids and sticks, give your popsicles a 1-2 hours freezing time before inserting the sticks.

With such popsicle creations, you will undoubtedly surprise family and friends. Any King of Prussia or Doylestown catering professional would be proud.

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