Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

How to Season Your Food Without Using Salt

Just because you’re cutting down on the amount of salt you use in your food, doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing any of the flavor.

Instead of salt, use…

  • herbs
  • spices
  • citrus
  • vinegar
  • red wine

Photo by: Tasting Table

Salt is everything when it comes to cooking and baking—but it’s not the only way to add flavor to a dish. There are many other ingredients you can use and that you likely already have in your pantry.

The cooking method you use can also add flavor without any additional ingredients required, other than a little olive oil. By searing, sautéing, grilling or roasting vegetables or proteins properly, they develop a delicious taste naturally.

Whether you’re looking to lighten your salt intake or just interested in exploring new ways to season your dishes, these five ideas will make you wonder why you ever used salt in the first place.

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