Spice Up Your Event with Philadelphia Food Truck Catering Services

Planning an event? Have you decided how the food will be served yet? You just might have a good option in food trucks.

The Meetings Magazine posted an article that discusses how food trucks can spice up your planned event. Aside from giving the event a new twist come meal time, hiring food trucks allows a change of venue. The attendees can move around and interact with each other, which provides a nice break from the event. Although the article focuses on corporate-type events, the benefits can easily apply to other types of events as well.

Another benefit of hiring food trucks is variety in food options. Would the time of your event encompass breakfast, lunch, dinner or something in between? Your chosen caterer would have menus for any time of day. Furthermore, catering to the palates of your attendees won’t be a problem whether they’re meat lovers or vegans. Vegan restaurants in Philadelphia like Jerry’s Kitchen offer menus that span general or specific preferences, such as vegan or gluten-free diets.

Considerations to Make

Of course, like other meal options for events, there are also things to think about when planning to hire food trucks. The first thing to ask is: who pays for meals? Would you be paying for the food or will attendees buy their own food? This is important so you can determine the appropriate fee structure with the Philadelphia food truck catering provider you’ll hire. If you’ll be paying, then it won’t be different from traditional catering – the food truck/s go to the event, attendees eat and you pay the agreed upon amount.

If the attendees will buy their own food, most food trucks need to sell 45-60 meals per hour. Remember, they’ll be going out of their normal operations to be at your location or event. This setup is ideal for larger events. For smaller events, a guarantee is often the best solution. You and the provider will agree upon a set number of sales. You’ll only pay the provider if the guarantee is greater than the actual sales they made in the event.

Communication is key. From the plan to the actual event, communication between you and the food truck caterer should be clear. The payment arrangement, the menu inclusions, the times the caterer is expected to be there, special requirements and any other important details should all be finalized at least a day before the event. Once you’ve done these, you can count on catering services like Jerry’s Kitchen to help make your event a rousing success.

(Source: Event Planning: Spice Up Your Event With Food Trucks, The Meetings Magazine, May 1, 2013)

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