11 Myths About Alcohol You Shouldn’t Believe

Everybody has heard their fair share of tips on how to not get “too” drunk, or on how to beat tomorrow’s inevitable hangover. But, as I am sure many of us have learned from experience, these tips are merely myths.

  1. Beer before liquor, never been sicker
  2. Showers, energy shots, and Bloody Marys cure hangovers
  3. Alcohol kills brain cells
  4. Beer causes a beer belly
  5. Breaking the seal means you will pee more
  6. You can beat a breathalyzer
  7. Different alcohols make you act differently
  8. One drink per hour will keep you sober
  9. Nightcaps will help you sleep
  10. Old wine is better
  11. Puking/eating/chugging water before bed prevents hangovers


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There are a lot of times in this world when ignorance really is bliss. Remember how magical life was before you found out (spoiler alert) there’s no Santa? How badass wrestling was before you learned it’s fake? How infallible your parents were before you hit puberty?

But when it comes to alcohol, blissful ignorance only brings about unnecessary suffering, horrible hangovers, and misguided advice. Myths prevail in the booze world, and it’s about time some of them get busted before your ignorance lands you on the bathroom floor again this Saturday.

Beer before liquor, never been sicker

It sounds logical enough: start with a few beers, and the following tequila shots will hit you harder. Start with shots, and beers help you “wind down” for the night. In reality, neither of these apply. Alcohol is alcohol (is alcohol). The order (or mix) of the drinks doesn’t matter nearly as much as the quantity of alcohol entering your body at any given point.

What makes your life suck in the morning may have less to do with the order of drinks, and more to do with the total alcohol and congener content of the drinks you’re throwing in the mix. Congeners are toxic byproducts of certain drinks, and typically the darker the drink, the higher the congener count. The “never been sicker” part you’ll feel the next day… no matter when you drink it.

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