Jerry’s Kitchen Mobile Catering Locations

Jerry’s Kitchen offers our mobile catering in a variety of locations in the mid-Atlantic. We have locations in Philadelphia, PA, Washington, DC and we are working on expanding our service areas even further. Our full-service menu offers a variety of seasonal and gourmet options for any palate, including sandwiches, tacos, burgers, and local favorites. We offer catering for any occasion, whether it’s a graduation, birthday party, family reunion or corporate event. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, large or small, upscale or more casual, we are ready to help make it a success with our gourmet mobile catering.

Why should I use a mobile food truck for my event?

Jerry’s Kitchen’s mobile food truck catering offers the gourmet taste and professionalism of traditional catering combined with the efficiency and novelty of mobile catering. Your guests’ food is guaranteed to be made fresh, fast and full of flavor. Our state-of-the-art kitchen allows us to prepare meals onsite to the highest standards, all while maintaining efficiency without sacrificing quality. We pride ourselves on offering fresh, seasonal and gourmet food made with in-house recipes, from scratch. Your guests will love the fun atmosphere, delicious food and unparalleled customer service that comes from using a mobile food truck to cater your event.

View Our Mobile Food Truck Locations

Philadelphia, PA

3225 Arch Street, Philadelphia
PA 19104

Washington, DC

2910 N Sycamore St Suite 102, Arlington
VA 22207