12 Vegan Flatbread Recipes

Flat and tasty!

  1. Pita bread
  2. Tava naan/ skillet bread
  3. Garlic basil flatbread
  4. Oats chapati
  5. Homemade tortillas
  6. Soybean flatbread
  7. Wheat naan
  8. Corn flour bread
  9. Mixed flour chapati
  10. Flavored flatbread
  11. Khoba roti
  12. Thai roti bread


Photo Credit: cookwithkushi.com

Photo Credit: cookwithkushi.com

These 12 vegan flatbread recipes are incredibly delicious, soft and chewy and can also be served as appetizer, snack, as a side with soup or for dinner with your favorite toppings or side dish. It goes with almost everything  You can try these recipes easily at home.

I love the entire process of preparing bread at home. It may be with or without yeast. Some breads can even be prepared in less than 30 minutes. You might see that I have mentioned on some recipes to add either butter or oil. If you are non-vegan then feel free to use butter. I love it both the ways. I hope these simple bread recipes will encourage you to make more breads at home

1. Pita Bread :- prepared using all purpose flour and served with falafel, hummus or even use it in sandwich. You can also bake them into crispy chips.

2. Tava Naan / Skillet Bread :- classic Indian flat bread prepared on cast-iron skillet or tava.

3. Garlic Basil Flatbread :- flavorful bread prepared using all purpose flour, whole wheat flour, herbs and spices.

4. Oats Chapati :- prepared using oats and whole wheat flour in less than  30 minutes.

5. Homemade Tortillas :- Mexican style of flat bread prepared using all purpose flour.

6. Soybean Flatbread :- gluten free and a low calorie bread prepared using soybean flour.

7. Wheat Naan :- soft and chewy bread prepared by combining whole wheat flour and all purpose flour.

8. Corn Flour Bread :- delicious bread prepared using corn flour and whole wheat flour.

9. Mixed Flour Chapati :- healthy, nutritious bread prepared using 5 different type of flours.

10. Flavored Flatbread :- prepared using whole wheat flour, all purpose flour, herbs and spices

11. Khoba Roti :-  Indian style bread prepared using spices and whole wheat flour

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