Monday, November 9th, 2015

8 Ways to Host Thanksgiving in Style– and with Ease!

The holiday season can get very stressful between all the holiday parties, decorations, and family and friends coming into town to visit. Because of this we found some ideas on how to decorate your house for Thanksgiving this year. You can free up some space on your dinner table by moving your centerpieces to a new spot in your home. Another popular idea for family parties is to create a kids table. And, do not forget to label your dishes! This is an extremely useful tool, especially if you have family or friends with dietary restrictions. And, since you are already labeling your dishes, do not forget about the place cards.

Whether you are placing names in front of seats or creating your own DIY place cards, they can help with the organization and flow of the evening. Another decorative touch to add to your house is a pine cone wreath. This is a great project that will not take long and does not cost a lot of money. Not everyone is a master baker, but this does not mean that the dessert table should be something you stress over. Don’t bake it, just fake it! There is no shame in ordering desserts, especially delicious ones that everybody loves.

As desserts are wrapping up, we know that food comas are soon approaching. In order to combat this, starts playing games such as charades! Lastly, once the games begin slowing down, grab some boxes and send your guests home with some leftovers. It will free up a lot of fridge space that you would not have otherwise. With all of these helpful tips you are sure to have a great Thanksgiving this year!

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