Food Trucks Certification in Philadelphia: Catering To Healthy Eating

We are always excited by local food news. After all, we live in a great food region, and we want everyone to appreciate that —especially local residents. We were excited that an aspect of this greatness was recently featured in an article in The Daily Pennsylvanian, the University of Pennsylvania’s newspaper, which cited Jerry’s Kitchen.


Some of the best and most creative food in our region is now being produced by food trucks. You can find them all over Philadelphia and the surrounding counties, especially at food fairs, markets, and other local events. There is also no end to the variety of menus that food trucks are now producing.

But when people think of food trucks, they probably wonder how healthy their food is. After all, food trucks were, in the not too distant past, associated with less than healthy eating, more akin to fast food than specialty dishes.

So, exactly, how healthy is the food produced by food trucks? And how would anyone know the answer to that question?

Those questions also occurred to a couple of University of Pennsylvania Wharton graduates. Eager to change how people regard food trucks and their menus, they launched the Philadelphia Healthy Food Truck Initiative. In partnership with Philadelphia food trucks, the Philadelphia Healthy Food Initiative is promoting the healthy quality of food truck fare.

The initiative, launched in 2013, has now partnered with The Food Trust on the Healthy Food Truck Certification program, which will enable Philadelphia food trucks to publicly display the health qualities of their food offerings. The certification is represented by a special sticker designation that is placed on a food truck, in easy public view. In order to achieve that certification, a food truck is scored on almost a dozen healthy food benchmarks, including vegetarian options.

Jerry’s Kitchen was one of the first four partners of the Philadelphia Healthy Food Truck Initiative, and is proud to have received its Healthy Food Truck Certification.

We are thrilled to have been an early partner of the Philadelphia Healthy Food Truck Initiative, and are delighted that this initiative’s work continues to grow. We can hope that its work spreads beyond food truck catering in Philadelphia to other local areas like King of Prussia, Malvern, and Doylestown, where Jerry’s Kitchen is equally active.

Check out the Healthy Food Trucks Initiative at to learn more, including what our locals think of Philadelphia food trucks.


Schmear It, Magic Carpet among first food trucks to get certified for healthy fare, Daily Pennsylvanian

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