Grad Night Manual

Goals and Considerations

  • Great entertainment is key and should include things that the graduates cannot regularly do
  • The more kind of activities and entertainment, the less chance the graduates will get bored and leave
  • Vary activities between active and passive activities
  • Make sure to limit any amount of lag time between activities. Once again, you don’t want the graduates getting bored and leaving
  • The slow period for most grad parties is between 3 and 4. This is a great time to introduce a new activity to keep the graduates interested
  • Anyone helping volunteer the event should not be playing the games, but they should be enthusiastic and look like they’re having fun
  • Don’t feel like you cannot repeat activities that were successful the prior year

Successful Activities

  • Music and dancing
    • Think about the dance floor. Make it exciting and do not make it too large. It is better to have a crowded dance floor than an empty dance floor.
    • You don’t always need a live band, DJs can be great too
    • Invite a dance studio to come in and teach dance moves
  • Star in your own music video
  • Stage show hypnotis
  • Karaoke
  • Walk around artists
  • Interactive games
    • Casino
    • Barrel/toilet racers
    • Bouncy boxing
    • Bungee run
    • Climbing wall
    • Giant slide
    • High striker
    • Human bowling
    • Laser tag
    • Obstacle course
    • Pugil sticks
    • Robo surfing
    • Robotic boxing
    • Sumo wrestling
    • Video surfing
    • Virtual reality
  • Contests
    • Limbo contest
    • Dance contest
    • Pie eating contest
    • Hula hoop contest
    • Trivia contest
    • Air guitar contest
  • Athletic activities
    • Walleyball
    • Basketball
    • Tug-of-war
    • Ping pong
    • Volleyball
    • Frisbee
    • Bowling
    • Billards
  • Face painting
  • Special memories activities
    • Graffiti wall
    • Time capsule
    • Video of graduation/memories
    • Class photos
    • Video time capsule
    • T-ship, boxer-short, hat signing or decorating




Interactive Games

This is a short list. New games are available often.


Black Jack, Roulette, Bingo, Craps, Slot Machines all with play money, tickets or tokens.

Barrel / Toilet Racers

Motorized barrels / toilets that the graduates drive on a set course.

Bouncy Boxing

Inflated ring with oversized gloves.

Bungee Run

Horizontal bungee run within an air-inflated mattress runway.

Climbing Wall

Tilt-up multisided simulated rock climbing wall delivered on a trailer or available at many locations.

Giant Slide

Large inflatable slide. Needs tall ceiling or install outdoors.

High Striker

Old carnival strength tester. Graduates hit target with a large hammer to see if they can make the bell ring.

Human Bowling

Graduates put on helmet and are strapped into a seat inside a large ball. Ball is then given a push down an “alley” into the “pins”.

Human Gyroscope (Orbitron)

Outer space movement simulator.

Laser Tag

Large room with obstacles, hiding places, and electronic laser tag equipment.

Money Machine

Blow real money, play money, discount coupons, etc., around inside a booth. Graduates keep whatever they can catch in a set amount of time (usually about 20 seconds).

Obstacle Course

Large horizontal inflatable obstacle course.

Pugil Sticks

Contestants battle to push each other off a padded rail using large padded staffs.

Tons more info here.

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