Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Still struggling to find gifts to buy for your friends and family? Are you worried they may not like the present you bought for them? Luckily, we found a holiday gift guide with a focus on the gift of health. We have plenty of options that will be perfect for any family member or friend.

1. PANATEA ceremonial grade matcha gift set
2. Tovita Nutrition package
3. Massage at Equinox
4. Rowley Fitness
5. 20 Pounds Younger by Michele Promaulayko
6. Tree house retreats
7. The spiralizer with the Inspiralized Cookbook
8. Swell water bottles
9. Lifeway Kefir holiday favors
10. Jax Coco Global
11. Tata Harper Daily Essentials Kit
12. Subscription to Daily Burn
13.“It Was Me All Along” by Andie Mitchell
14.“They All Fall Down” By Anna Kohanski Mason


Photo Credit: http://www.tovitanutrition.com/

This holiday season, we teamed up with Marisa Hochberg, founder of MJH Wellness to bring you the ultimate healthy holiday gift guide. Since we already agree that there is no better gift than the gift of health, we’re here to give you some healthy holiday shopping hints. Whether for you health manifests in a food product, a provocative read, or in a new set of workout gear to help you reach your 2016 fitness goals, we have conjured up a list that both the health nut and the nutrition newbie can work with.

PANATEA ceremonial grade matcha gift set

PANATEA is one of our favorite matcha brands! They source their high quality matcha from the tea fields of Japan. One of the reasons we’re proponents of the matcha movement is because of the sheer antioxidant capacity of the tea. Remember, antioxidants act as our body’s “clean up crew” by protecting us from free radical damage, which can otherwise lead to tissue damage and even aging. As opposed to conventional steeped green tea, drinking matcha allows you to consume 100% of the nutrients.

Holiday gift sets include their ceremonial grade matcha, custom measuring scoop, glass sipping bowl, and bamboo whisk. Use the code “HealthyHoliday10” at checkout for a 10% discount.

View the entire list here.


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