Hit the Snack

Sometimes it gets boring eating the same old snacks every day, so let’s look at three new twists on classic European bar snacks!

  • Fried mortadella-stuffed olives from Italy
  • Tortilla with purple potatoes from Spain
  • Radish toast from France

Photo Source: thehangingspoon.com

Photo Source: thehangingspoon.com

When it comes to bar snacks, Europe has the right idea: In Spain, its tapas and pintxos; in Italy, it’s cicchetti and aperitivo, the country’s jazzed-up version of happy hour. The folks across the pond have not only perfected the art of pairing light bites with wine and cocktails, but they’ve also ritualized the act of eating them—always in a leisurely fashion and in the company of close friends.

Bring a little dolce vita into your own home with these savory apps, which take cues from some of the richest culinary traditions in western Europe. They’re delicious and easy to make—plus, they’ll tide you over until you can finally take that hard-earned vacation to Basque Country.

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