Thursday, November 24th, 2016

Office Party Etiquette: 10 Tips To Remember

Mixing business with pleasure can be difficult, especially during this time of the year when a lot of offices begin throwing holiday parties. Because of this, we have compiled a few reminders on what is the appropriate office party etiquette.

  • Read the invitation for clues
  • Dress to impress
  • Prepare ahead
  • Respect the privacy of your colleagues
  • Do “the two fridge” test before posting pictures
  • Drink, dance and sing in moderation
  • Remember your “thank you’s”
  • Don’t contemplate attending
  • No whispering allowed
  • Be safe
  • Spread gifts around

It’s surprising, but true: People really do need reminders about how to behave appropriately when they mix business with pleasure. This is particularly the case if you’re a new employee or a manager trying to put your best face forward at a holiday office party this year.

“The key word in ‘holiday office party’ is ‘office,'” says Ottawa-based etiquette expert Julie Blais Comeau. “It’s still an office function and you are still an ambassador of your company.”

We asked Blais Comeau to give us her top 10 tips to remember during holiday office parties, and hope they’ll help you, as well as us, through the holiday season.

Read The Invitation For Clues:
A lot of the time, the easiest way to know the type of party you’re attending is what’s written on the invitation, Blais Comeau says. “Besides the basics, including date, location and time, an invitation should also note if you can bring a guest.”

Dress To Impress:
The location and time of the party should indicate the dress code, Blais Comeau says. “You don’t want to show too much skin or be blinged like a Christmas tree — find some[thing] in between.” If you want to get in the holiday mode, she suggests red suspenders or ties for men and sparkly red belts or pumps for women.

Prepare Ahead:
Think of conversation topics before the party starts. Blais Comeau suggests taking note of your colleagues’ loved ones or congratulating employees who won awards that year. “The safest question to ask is about their holiday plans,” she says.

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