Party Fowl

We love fried chicken so much that we have fried chicken three ways!

Try these three recipes and decide which style of fried chicken is your favorite:

  • Make it Japanese
  • Make it ranch
  • Make it Nashville hot


Photo by: Rachel Vanni / Tasting Table

Is there anything better than freshly fried chicken? Since we all know the answer to that question, we’ve gone ahead and taken our classic recipe for this ultimate comfort food and given it triple the love with not one but three unique spins. That crispy, golden crust is getting the Japanese, ranch and Nashville hot chicken treatment. And since your table should be filled with fried chicken all summer long, you’ll have plenty of time to taste-test these variations and let us know which one you like best.

But first, what makes the ideal fried chicken? “You want that perfect crunch on the outside matched with that juicy, tender inside,” Jaime Young, executive chef of NYC hot spot Sunday in Brooklyn, says about his popular fried drumsticks. “Whenever my mom served fried chicken, I always got the drumstick. That was my piece in the proverbial bucket.”

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