Simple Ways To Be Happier

Hoping 2016 will be better than 2015? Well, instead of just hoping this year will be better than the last; make some changes.

1. Don’t check social media before 9a.m.
2. Use a 5 Minute Gratitude Journal to remember blessings in life
3. Focus on today, not the past or future
4. Stop trying to convince others of your opinions
5. Pay attention to your body’s signals
6. Stop over committing your time; simplify your life
7. Get outside every day
8. Stop the negative self-talk
9. Treat yourself and take care of yourself daily
10. Meditate for 20 minutes every morning
11. Pay attention to the quality of food you are eating
12. Thank people for their kindness
13. Spend less time on your computer and phone
14. Focus on the positive things in life
15. Stretch daily
16. Stop comparing yourself to others
17. Practice kindness
18. Remember the importance of forgiveness
19. Schedule quiet time every day
20. Be open to new experiences
21. Write down your morning thoughts
22. Drink more water, less wine
23. Continue organizing and clearing the clutter in your life 24.Stop searching for others’ approval
25. Practice non-judgement


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Do you make New Year resolutions? I don’t bother because they usually fall off my radar by mid January. Starting the year with failure is not my goal.

Here are 25 simple things I will incorporate into my days in 2016. I don’t need to do each one, everyday, to be moving toward my goal.
Here’s how I intend to improve myself, my life and my happiness in 2016.

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