Snacks and Drinks to Keep Your Game Day Guests Revved Up

If you are having guests over to watch the game you probably want to feed them. Good food can make a party something special. Here are some great ideas for snacks and drinks that will get your guests excited. They’ll add to the experience of watching the game and will make your guests happy they came over. Good food and drinks can bring people closer together because food often comforts and makes people feel good.


Key Takeaways:

  • Mid-winter margarita is a cocktail you may want to fix later on in the day of tailgating.
  • A 3 ingredient devil egg snack consisting of a hard boiled egg, mayo and your favorite hot sauce is a great afternoon snack.
  • Butternut squash on toast is another finger food that will go well with the tailgating party.

“You and your friends are either sulking in crushing defeat or relishing in the close win of the morning’s match—either way, sounds like it’s time for a drink, and a snack or five”

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