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Check out this video from  Here, founder Chris Tunstall explains the key ingredients needed to make a foam for your cocktails.  If you don’t already have a whipped cream canister, pick one up at a local bar supply store or order one online.  Make sure you purchase N20 (nitrous oxide) not CO2, as the nitrous will add a creaminess similar to the consistency of Guinness.


Flavored whipped cream is a trick that’s been used on many a dessert menu – but why stop there? This week we’re talking about how to use a whipped cream canister to make foams of all flavors for your cocktail menu. Yep, we’re getting (just a little) molecular.


What are Foams?

Foams are (in the simplest description) made up of a liquid that has millions of suspended bubbles inside of it. The result creates a “spongy” texture and interesting, creamy mouth feel. In order to make a foam, you need a liquid that has the appropriate qualities to suspend bubbles within it, and you need bubbles. In this case we’re making a flavored foam, so we’ve added some flavors as well.


Ingredients and Equipment:

To make a flavored foam, you will need:

  1. Acid (We’re using 2 ounces lime juice)
  2. Sweetener (1 1/2 oz Rich Demerara Syrup)
  3. Water (5-6 oz, to thin it out)
  4. (Optional) Bitters (We used 3 dashes of Celery Bitters)
  5. Protein (We’re using 4 egg whites)

As for equipment, I’m using a whipped cream canister like this one and charging it with two N2O Chargers (Affiliate links) You will want N2O chargers instead of CO2, as it results in a better foam texture.

The Process:

  1. First add all ingredients (except egg whites) to a glass and stir well to combine
  2. Add mixture to the Whipping container and add egg whites
  3. Close the whip cream canister tightly.
  4. Give it a quick shake to incorporate the ingredients
  5. Charge with a N2O charger and shake well. Remove the charger and repeat with a second charger.
  6. Now your Foam is complete!

Read more here.

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