10 Essential Cocktails for February Parties

  • Brown Derby: A sweet, bitter, and strong cocktail featuring grapefruit, honey and whiskey.
  • Celery Daisy: We are making celery juice a lot more exciting with elderflower, sherry, and lime.
  • The Little Kiss: You will need a strawberry shrub, champagne and white creme de cacao to turn this into the perfect Little Kiss.
  • Fennel 75: A new twist on the classic French 75.
  • The Mata Hari: This cocktail takes some extra time, but once you try the chai-infused sweet vermouth, you will never question making this cocktail again.
  • My Spicy Valentine: Take vodka and spice it up with peppers, creme de cacao, orange liqueur, milk and chocolate.
  • Grapefruit Sazerac: Grapefruit meets this classic cocktail with rye whiskey, bitters, grapefruit syrup and absinthe.
  • El Bicentenario: have you been craving a margarita? Well, this cocktail may be even better. Mix tequila, tangerine, agave, peppers, and lime juice together and you will be on your way to a great night.
  • Girls Next Door: Who can complain when you are mixing pear, hibiscus, strawberry, lemon, and vodka all mixed together in one drink!
  • Falling Leaves: Pear eau-de-vie, sparkling wine, orange liqueur and honey makes this cocktail the perfect winter cocktail for anyone with the sniffles.



Photo: liquor.com

Congratulations, you weathered through January—the Monday of the year—and now it’s time to accept that your New Year’s resolution of drinking less isn’t going to work. So, what are you going to drink? Luckily, February brings no fewer seasonal treats to add to your cocktail game. Prepare for February to be your most exciting cocktailing month yet. Oh, and for you Valentine’s Day romantics, we have some stuff for you, too.


Let’s start off with a classic. With just three ingredients, the Brown Derby can easily be the drink to set you off right for the rest of the month. Seasonal grapefruit, honey and whiskey are all that are needed for a cocktail that’s sweet, bitter and strong.


We know what you’re thinking: Celery? Believe it or not, this veggie is currently in season, so why not spruce up your cocktail with it? Celery juice is amped up with ingredients including elderflower, sherry and lime to make it a drink like no one will believe. 


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