11 Essential Grilling Tips from Iron Chef’s Michael Symon


Here are some tips from pro Michael Symon

  1. Know the difference between barbecuing and grilling
  2. Never forget to season the meat
  3. Let the meat come to room temperature before cooking it
  4. Folks without outdoor grills can grill too
  5. Consider swapping charcoal for wood
  6. Vary your style of grill to kick up your outdoor cooking skills
  7. Choose inexpensive cuts of meat to barbecue
  8. Get creative with burger toppings
  9. Rethink the way you make your barbecue sauce
  10. Wash it all down with the right summer cocktails
  11. Don’t be afraid to grill on a budget


Chef Michael Symon is serious about meat.

The award-winning Food Network chef shares perfectly cooked burgers, steaks and barbecue with the masses at his four restaurants in Cleveland and Detroit: Lola, Lolita, B Spot and Roast.
But it’s his own backyard where he serves the juiciest slabs of meat, including his personal summer favorite: grilled Old Bay chicken thighs. Mashable caught up with Symon to talk grills, barbecue sauce and his all-time favorite burger toppings. Here’s what we learned:

1. Know the difference between barbecuing and grilling.

As Symon put it: “Barbecuing is technically low and slow, and grilling is high and quick.” When grilling, he recommends starting the meat on a very high heat to give it that “wonderful char” before finishing it on a low heat, so it doesn’t burn or dry out. When barbecuing, keep the meat on a low heat, about 225 degrees, until it’s tender.

2. Never forget to season the meat.

Symon suggests seasoning your meat liberally with salt and pepper before grilling. His current favorite seasoning is Old Bay herb and spice mix on chicken thighs.

“I just take the chicken and coat it pretty liberally in Old Bay spices and a little bit of olive oil, let it sit for a couple of hours, then put it on the grill and serve that with a really great horseradish-y coleslaw and maybe some German style potato salad,” he said.

3. Let the meat come to room temperature before cooking it.

And allow it to rest when it’s finished. Otherwise, the juices will run and the meat will become dry.

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