Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

14 Genius Tricks for Making Fresh Produce Last Longer

Save money by extending the life of your fruits and veggies.

  1. Put paper towels in the salad drawer
  2. Don’t separate bananas before eating
  3. Put an apple in your bag of potatoes
  4. Keep apples away from other fruits and veggies
  5. Wash berries in vinegar
  6. Don’t refrigerate tomatoes
  7. Wrap celery in foil
  8. Treat herbs like a bouquet
  9. And when they’re on the turn, freeze them in olive oil
  10. Keep mushrooms in a paper bag
  11. Let avocado ripen at room temperature
  12. Put your onions in tights
  13. Keep raisins airtight
  14. Ice your greens


© Provided by Country Living

© Provided by Country Living

Because you didn’t pay $4 for a basket of moldy strawberries.

1. Put paper towels in the salad drawer

Lining your crisper with a few sheets of paper towels absorbs the condensation that the veggies generate as they chill. Excess moisture can make your fresh foods wilt and much faster, so the paper keeps them fresher for longer, AND it keeps your fridge cleaner without any extra effort, because no one deserves to spend their hard-earned Sunday wiping up cucumber gunk.

2. Don’t separate bananas before eating

You may think you’re being super productive packaging your ‘nanas into day-to-day portions, but actually the trick to stop them going brown is to keep them together as long as possible. Wrap the stems of the bananas in clingfilm when you first buy them, and only snap one off when you’re ready to eat it. This should give you 3-5 extra days of perfectly ripe banana joy.

3. Put an apple in your bag of potatoes

Sprouted potatoes are at the top of nobody’s to-eat list. It turns out the best way to keep them fresh is to keep an apple in the bag – apples produce ethylene gas, which keeps potatoes fresher and firmer, and ready for mashed potato duties for a few more weeks.

4. But keep apples away from other fruits and veggies

Ethylene gas may be good for potatoes, but it’s bad for almost everything else. Keep apples out of the fruit bowl (and in a plastic bag in the fridge) and you should suddenly find that your other purchases keep much better.

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