Food Truck Catering: The Perfect Socially Distanced Corporate Event

COVID-19 has really shaken things up for businesses across the country. Meetings have become Zoom calls, offices and homes have blended together to add a whole new level of nuance to the term “work-life balance”, and here at Jerry’s Kitchen, we’ve had to adapt to new standards for socially distant events and safe ways to keep feeding people good food amidst a global pandemic. As we continue to adapt to these challenges, businesses have been searching for ways to boost morale and continue to grow and inspire their teams.Food truck catering is a unique and innovative way to inspire your team and remain safe and socially distant during these unusual times.
Here’s why:

Our food truck catering is naturally flexible and adaptable

We’ve made a business out of customizing our service to fit any type of event. From weddings to family reunions, elegant venues to streetside events, our mobile catering service can work for any type of event, including one where guests must stay six feet apart. Last minute changes are no problem for us, as we’re used to making changes on the fly and adapting to fit any occasion. Whatever your company’s requirements are for a safe and socially-distanced event, we’ll be sure to meet them.

Social distancing is simple with the food truck model

Your guests can order their meal and keep their distance at the same time, while still receiving hot, fresh food from our food trucks. Without the clustered buffet tables and arranged seating of typical corporate events, you can trust that your employees will be safe and comfortable while maintaining social distancing during COVID-19.

Your team members can still enjoy all the benefits of traditional catering

Boosting your employees’ morale is more important than ever during these difficult times. Everyone has been facing a new set of obstacles and uncertainty, and it can be tough to stay motivated amidst these challenges. By investing in a food truck catering event for your employees, they gain all the benefits of traditional catering — great food, bonding with co-workers (even from farther apart), a chance to relax and network with other members of the company — without the risk, stress, or complications posed by a traditionally catered corporate event.
For more information on hosting a socially distanced corporate event with Jerry’s Kitchen, contact us here. We have food truck catering locations in the Washington, DC area and Philadelphia, PA area.
In the meantime, we hope you’re staying safe and healthy!

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