5 things to consider when booking craft services in Philadelphia

Craft Services is a crucial part of your shoot because keeping your crew caffeinated and happy makes for a smoother production.  Below are 5 things to consider when booking craft services in Philadelphia.


For how long will you require craft services?


It’s important for your craft services provider to understand the full scope of your shoot so they can appropriately allocate staff.  Will you be filming for just one day, multiple days, or weeks? How long will you be shooting for each day and will crafty be required to stay onsite during the entire shoot?  Most craft services packages include 10-12 hours of onsite service, make sure to clarify with your provider.


Do you need an attendant?


Long days on your feet are made a bit better when there’s someone there to help refuel.  If you’re looking for a self serve setup an attendant may not be for you. If you’re looking to have hot food refreshed, coffee topped off, and fresh fruits and veggies every few hours consider requesting an attendant.  Many craft services companies include at least one attendant in their mid-level packages.


What types of food are you looking for?


Craft services isn’t just for crinkly bagged snacks.  Options are endless and can include things like grilled cheese sandwiches, spinach and artichoke dip, and buffalo chicken dip.  Other popular options are coffee and tea with freshly baked bagels, sweet donuts, and mini-muffins. Healthy craft services options abound!  Try fresh fruit and yogurt parfaits, crudite and creamy hummus or baba ghanouj.


Where will the setup be located?


Will you be shooting inside or outside?  In a city or deep in the country? It’s important to understand the logistics of the shoot prior to coming onsite.  If you’ll be filming outside with no access to a building your craft services provider should provide tenting and buffet table setup.  If you’re on a soundstage or set let crafty know where exactly you’d like tables set up.


Will there be a VIP area?


Craft services providers are sensitive to the needs of your VIPs.  You may have a separate area or green room that needs a dedicated staff.  There may also be special requests on a rider, make sure you share the specifics with the staff who will be serving.


Salty snacks. Pretzels, chips, crackers in wooden bowls.


Healthy snacks.

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