The Ultimate Barn Wedding Is Better With Food Trucks

We’ve seen a lot of weddings since Jerry’s Kitchen was started. What we’ve noticed is that food trucks elevate every wedding. The event will be unforgettable no matter what, but you can’t beat the immediate joy and novelty a food truck brings to your guests.

Read on to find out why the ultimate barn wedding is better with food trucks.

It adds an unexpected twist to a common wedding theme

Barn weddings have been rising in popularity over the years. Between 2009 and 2017, barn weddings went from 2% of weddings to 15% of weddings! You can set your wedding apart by including a unique catering experience. Keep the mason jars, but add the fun of a food truck to give your guests a time they won’t easily forget.

You’ll have more flexibility choosing a venue, or working with your existing venue, thanks to the mobility of our food trucks

Rather than trying to fit a kitchen into a barn, our kitchen can be set up with a little more flexibility. If you’re having last minute problems with your layout, you have at least one element that won’t throw a major wrench in your plans.

You and your guests will be more comfortable

One of the biggest problems folks have with many barn weddings is: no A/C. Add a blazing hot kitchen to that equation, and you’ve got an overheated venue and some sweaty, uncomfortable guests. Not every barn suffers from a lack of air conditioning, and not every caterer is cooking up your meal in the barn itself, but you don’t want to risk this problem on your big day. By keeping the kitchen and its flames away from your main venue, you can ensure that you and your guests will be comfortable and happy with our wedding catering.

The gourmet catering will fit your theme

When you think of a food truck, your first thought might be late night college eats or a quick bite on the corner. Not anymore! Our food truck catering company prides itself on gourmet catering. Our food is made from scratch, with in-house recipes and high-quality ingredients. We work with you to plan the menu in advance and make sure our food will match the tone of your wedding, whether you’re having a casual event or something more formal. You can count on us to deliver delicious, gourmet food that your guests will love.

Your guests will have more flexibility in their fare

Gone are the days of the dreaded “chicken or fish?” question. Depending on your desires, we can offer your guests a wide variety of menu options, allowing you to cater to pretty much any appetite. We offer vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, and many other dietary options to ensure that everyone has something to eat on your wedding day.


Piqued your interest? Click here to set up a consultation! We offer wedding catering in Washington, DC and Philadelphia, PA. We’d love to help you make your wedding unforgettable.


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