25 Reasons Garlic, Ginger, and Scallions Are The Holy Flavor Trinity


These three ingredients are at the heart of a lot of Asian cooking.  Try these recipes at home!


  1. Ginger-chicken meatballs with Chinese broccoli
  2. Crudites with bacon XO sauce
  3. Hillstone’s Thai steak and noodle salad
  4. Aromatic wilted greens with coconut milk
  5. Gochujang-braised chicken and crispy rice
  6. Curried meatballs
  7. Rye whiskey stir-fry
  8. Aromatic shrimp and noodle medicine soup
  9. Chilean sea bass with peanuts and herbs
  10. White kimchi
  11. Lemongrass shrimp soup with spaghetti squash
  12. Ginger marinated hanger steak
  13. Scallion fish with sesame kale
  14. Thai beef stew with lemongrass and noodles
  15. Spicy chicken soup
  16. Soba and maitake mushrooms in soy broth
  17. Shrimp fried rice
  18. Turkey ramen
  19. Pork soup dumplings
  20. Noodle salad with chicken and chile-scallion oil
  21. Basic bulgogi
  22. Thai duck and grapefruit salad
  23. Spicy pork and mustard green soup
  24. Cucumber and carrot vermicelli with crispy shallots
  25. Brussel sprouts and steak stir-fry



Credit: Yossy Arefi

Read all the recipes here.

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