Best Homemade Pizza Dough Recipe

Looking for a fun and easy activity to do with the kids on a Friday night? How about making homemade pizza dough, here’s how: First, mix the yeast. It should be ready to go in about five to ten minutes. Then, mix the oil, salt, and flour into your yeast. You need to knead the dough for about five minutes and then place it into a covered, oiled bowl and place it into a warm spot to rise. It will need to double in size before you move to the next step. This process will take about an hour and then you can punch it down with your hand and place it on your pizza stone. After letting the dough sit for ten minutes, you need to roll it out until it’s thin. Bake in a 425-degree oven for ten minutes and then you’re ready for the toppings. Finish by baking another ten minutes in the oven.


Key Takeaways:

  • Making homemade pizza can be fun for the family and pizza dough is easy to make.
  • The ingredients to make homemade pizza dough are simple and the directions are easy.
  • There are many extra toppings that can be added and a variety of different recipes to follow.


“If you are just making one pizza, you can roll your dough out right on your pan.”

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