Building The Ultimate Nachos, One Chip at a Time

Building nachos that warrant the title “The Ultimate Nachos” is not an easy task.

Here are some tips for how you can make your own version of “the Ultimate Nachos”:

  • Go with the thick chip
  • Make a homemade bean dip
  • Ue real cheese
  • It’s all about the layers
  • Maximize surface area
  • Keep garnishes out of the oven
  • Load up on the extras

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Tortilla chips and cheese on a tray, baked together in perfect harmony within the confines of a hot oven until melted, garnished with any combination of ingredients you want.

That’s the basic formula for nachos, also known as the best party snack food on the planet. Can you think of anything more versatile? It’s appropriate for nearly any occasion—sporting event, housewarming, graduation, heck, we could even envision a spiffy version served at a wedding (with plenty of cloth napkins, of course).

You may be thinking, “But how can you go wrong with nachos?” It’s true, you can’t really go wrong with warm chips topped with oozing cheese. But regardless, there is an incontrovertible truth: All nacho trays are not created equal. You know what we’re talking about—we’ve all tasted nachos that were smothered in clumpy cheese, over-accessorized with add-ons like shredded lettuce, or made with chips too brittle to support the weight of their own nacho glory.

To spare you from that bitter fate, the Epicurious test kitchen developed a little something we’re calling the Ultimate Nachos.

For the details on the recipe, we consulted our food editor Rhoda Boone, a Texan whose history with nachos runs deep, like a orange, dairy-filled river. Needless to say, the woman has some opinions on the subject of nachotecture.


While thin chips are great for salsas and dips, you’re going to want to find as thick a chip as possible when making nachos. We love some of the smaller brands as much as the next gourmand, but when it comes to nachos, Boone says it’s hard to do better than Tostitos.

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