Certain Types of Diets to Consider When You Plan Corporate Catering

Food is a crucial part when planning an event. You have to think carefully about the catering in order to satisfy all attendees. Today, people are going on different kinds of diets. Whether they’re just following a fad or are really having health concerns is beside the point. What’s important is that they’ll look for food that would not be against their diet. In a corporate event, you’ll be feeding a lot of people so it’s likely that you’ll encounter great variation in preferences.

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High-Protein Diet

People who want to gain muscles and lose weight may go for a high-protein diet. WebMD recommends lean meat, beans, seafood, eggs, seeds, nuts, and soy for such a diet. High-protein dieters will be looking for these.

Vegetarian or Vegan Diet

Technically, vegans and vegetarians are different. Being a vegan is more than just a diet but this article is just about the food preference, so the focus is on diet. In that light, vegans exclusively consume plant-based food. On the other hand, Medical News Today states that vegetarians have different types and the distinction mostly comes from the exception in animal-based food that they consume. One example is the lacto-ovo-vegetarian. Like all vegetarians, they don’t eat meat but eat other animal-based food, such as dairy, honey, and eggs.

Gluten-Free Diet

This one is a restrictive diet that should be strictly followed because it’s a treatment. People with celiac disease or those who have gluten sensitivity should not eat food that contains the protein called gluten. Unlike some other diets, people who are on this diet didn’t choose it in most cases.

Other Restrictive Diets

Many health conditions also restrict intake of certain food. Some examples are high-blood pressure, arthritis, cardiovascular issues, and diabetes.

No Restrictions

Of course, much as you care about people with certain preferences or restrictions, you should not forget the ones without. There should also be dishes that will be enjoyable for them in the event.

Filling the Menu

It’s best to conduct a preliminary survey of the attendees regarding food preferences to prepare a complete menu. To be absolutely sure, get a corporate catering service that provides food across different diets. In Philadelphia, restaurants like Jerry’s Kitchen provide such a catering service.


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