Easter: A Worldwide Food Holiday For Everyone

Easter, celebrated all over the world, has some wonderful food traditions. There are some especially fine baked good traditions, which are widely accessible and always delicious, no matter your background.

So, if you happen to be a baker with a sense of curiosity and adventure, like our King of Prussia catering services, you may want to check out some of the recipes for these delectable treats.

  • Hot cross buns may be the most famous Easter baked good tradition. English in origin (how many times do you hear them referenced in British TV series, books, and movies? Like every second scene and page!), their popularity has made them a global, year round treat.

Hot cross buns are sweet buns with currants or raisins. EasterBut why are they called hot cross buns? It is because the traditional buns are marked on top with a sign of the cross, though this is not necessary to make or enjoy them. With that last fact, it may come as no surprise that they are an Easter treat, widely consumed on Good Friday in Great Britain and its former colonies such as Australia and New Zealand, South Africa, India, and Canada.

You can find buns with similar styles and tastes from Eastern and Southern Europe. Their variation and consistency are equally amazing.

  • Tsoureki is a Greek bread that looks like a coffee-ring cake, and is flavored with almonds. It symbolizes Easter in at least two ways, both in the look and in the making. Most recipes instruct that the dough be allowed to rise twice as the Tsoureki is prepared. The dish also calls for red-dyed, hard-boiled eggs, which symbolize blood and life. The eggs are inserted in the bread and baked with it.
  • In Spain, there a couple of popular Easter donut-like traditions. One tradition is a small cake made in several regions of Spain, which looks like an enormous donut, but which also includes a hard-boiled egg in the center. Another tradition is the Rosquilla, a baked or fried doughnut. Regionally, their flavoring varies, and may include sugar, rosemary, or anise liquor.
  • A similar but distinct tradition is the Mexican Capirotada, which is like bread pudding. It is a spicy pudding that is filled with raisins and other dried fruit, nuts, cinnamon, cloves, and cheese. Some people add brown sugar or syrup to increase the sweetness of the dish.

So, there are many good reasons to partake of Easter foods, no matter your background. With our Doylestown catering services, we are always happy to help you celebrate the season.


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