Hot Cocktails for the Winter

With winter on the way, hot items suddenly become very appealing as a delicious strategy to beat the cold, especially at night when the temperature drops. Yes, tea, coffee, and hot chocolate can hit the spot. But much more appealing are hot cocktails, which combine two kinds of delicious heat. These hot cocktails are easy to make and enjoy.


Hot Toddy: Perhaps the most celebrated hot cocktail of them all, it is very easy to make. The Hot Toddy calls for very simple ingredients: a mix of boiling water, sugar, lemon, and whiskey. It is so easy that it works with scotch, Irish whiskey, bourbon, and rye. A great remedy for all winter illnesses, both physical and mental!

Irish Coffee: Not unlike the hot toddy, Irish Coffee is a classic. Add Irish whiskey to hot coffee (caffeinated or not) and top with whipped cream. Another great remedy for any winter cold and blues.

Autumn Wassail: Well-known in Pennsylvania, the autumn wassail is just as good in winter. The non-alcoholic base of the drink is apple cider with a bit of pomegranate. Then add some rum and, if you have it, a bit of cognac. This is a great drink to bring people together, and you can ever serve it cold in the warmer months.

Blueberry Tea: This is an easy dessert drink, with three simple ingredients: hot regular tea, orange liqueur, and amaretto. The combination gives off the scent and flavor of blueberries, and is a warm reminder of warmer months.

Hot Buttered Rum: This great tradition requires a little more preparation, combining hot buttered rum batter with rum, to which boiling water is added. The hot buttered rum batter is easy to make, and one batch can last you some time. The batter reflects a mix of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg, which are added to a bowl and stirred until they blend. Add some vanilla ice cream and stir again. Once blended transfer it to a sealable container and store in the freezer.

Hot Chocolate with Kaluha or Bailys: Everyone loves hot chocolate, which is like dessert in a glass. To give it an adult kick, just add Kaluha or Baily’s Irish Crème, and you have a great dessert warm up.

Hot Mulled Wine: Another classic of the winter season, all that it requires is a warmed pot of red wine with a dash of bourbon or brandy, as well as a few other ingredients like cinnamon sticks.

Of course, you can never go wrong with a glass of scotch or brandy either, which are great body warmers. Jerry’s Kitchen offers full catering service in the Philadelphia area for all your personal and private needs, whether birthdays, corporate events, or family reunions. Keep us in mind when you are looking for ways to warm up during the winter months.


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