The Food Truck Trend: Making it Work for Your Wedding

Food trucks are more than just a quick meal while you’re running down the street. They are hip, trendy, and perfect for wedding meals. While this may be different from how weddings are traditionally catered, they bring a new twist on the modern wedding while being friendly to your wallet.


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If you’re planning a modern, on trend wedding, don’t stop at the décor! Food trucks are the newest go-to for hip and delicious wedding meals. While they might be a far cry from the traditional catered, sit down dinner, they’re much easier on the budget, and they add visual interest and appeal to the festive, celebratory atmosphere. Food trucks are also extremely versatile: it’s easy to hop on this trend and make it work for almost any wedding aesthetic, from casually classy, to rustic and playful. The best part: Muncie has some totally delectable food truck offerings you may or may not have heard of yet.

If having a food truck cater your wedding sounds interesting, here are a few things to consider:

Each food truck can serve about 70- 100 people for about $10-$12 a person

Across the board, food trucks cost less than traditional catering. But be mindful of the fact that one food truck can only serve about 70-100 people. If you’re planning a larger wedding, consider bringing two food trucks on board—this is also an excellent way to offer your guests another cuisine option. More importantly, talk with the food truck vendor, and do your best to keep the menu simple. It’s a lot more efficient to have three or four choice options ready to go when you have a long line of hungry wedding guests. (Don’t forget to consider your vegetarian and vegan wedding guests when planning the menu!)

Be sure to consider the aesthetic of your wedding, and the timeline of the day

The great thing about the food truck trend is that it’s incredibly versatile. For more casual weddings, guests will have fun mingling in line as they approach the food truck for their meals. But if you’re looking for a sit-down affair along with the playful appeal a food truck has to offer, just talk to the person who owns the food truck: chances are, they’ll be okay with you hiring a couple of waitstaff who can place orders and bring the meals to your guests as they sit at their tables. You can expect the food truck to be prepared to serve for about two hours, so think carefully about where you’d like those two hours to fit into your wedding day.

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