Sunday, December 13th, 2015

The Food52 Gift Guide

Buying the perfect gift for a friend or family member can be difficult. You could spend a full week shopping for someone and still not find anything you think that person would truly like. And, at times, it becomes disheartening when you cannot find a single thing that this friend or family member would be excited to unwrap. Since this is a problem that plagues not only you, but everyone, we have found the perfect gift guide. The guide is broken up into sections, so you can now find the perfect present for that friend who cooks everything, your cousin who bakes, and your Mom who is food and cocktail obsessed. Whether or not you are shopping on a budget, there will be plenty of gift options for you. So, don’t spend these days leading up to Christmas stressing. Instead, look through this gift guide, buy your presents, and relax.


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For the Cook Who Has Everything

For that friend who has every pan imaginable—organized in order from largest to smallest—and silicone spatulas that are color-coded by use, our most unique selection of kitchen goods is a study in things you didn’t know you needed (but you do).

2015 Bestsellers

Here are our best sellers of the year, like our French butter keeper and woven market basket—goods so beloved by the Food52 team (and by you all) that we can barely keep them in stock. This is as close to it gets to a guarantee that your gift will be a hit.

Only on Food52

We’ve done that heavy-lifting this season: Every detail of these gifts, carried exclusively by Food52, was considered (down to the color, material, and design) so you can rest easy knowing you got the perfect present.

For the Baker

They need to knead, flip over German pancakes, and think natural risers are the yeast of it. Rise to the occasion and get your baker friends what they really want (fewer bad puns and more baking supplies).


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