Giving Thanks for the Versatile Yam

Root vegetables are remarkably versatile, and the sweet potato is perhaps among the most versatile. With a sweeter taste than its fellow potatoes, and perhaps due to its rich color, the sweet potato or yam offers a miraculous range of menu possibilities for dinner, lunch, and even breakfast.


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, you definitely want to take stock of the yam and make the most of it. I expect food trucks in Philadelphia and elsewhere will be giving their own thanks for the sweet potato.

Sweet Potato Hash or Hash Browns with Eggs: Good for either breakfast or dinner, this tasty and hearty combination is easy to love. Add onion and rosemary for extra zest.

Wraps: The sweet potato is so deliciously flexible that you can use it as the base for your wraps, with different combinations of flavors. This is also a great way to move the sweet potato from the side of a meal to the center.

Some flavorful combinations with roasted sweet potato include:

  • Goat cheese and arugula
  • Avocado, egg, and hummus
  • Pesto, spinach, and caramelized onions
  • Bean spread and roasted cauliflower

Sweet Potato Patties: This is another easy way to make sweet potatoes the main feature, by turning them into patties. They are delicious on their own, or to add some extra protein heft, you might try combining them with chickpeas. Sweet or spicy, either are tasty.

Sweet Potato Chili: Another good strategy for putting sweet potatoes at the center of your table is to feature them in chili. While fine by themselves with other chili ingredients, this dish is even more enjoyable when black beans are added. It is easy to make in the crock pot, so there is very little for you to do.

Sweet Potato Soups: In prior posts, I have mentioned sweet potato soups. They are great as an addition to traditional soups, like vegetable, and as a base for others, like sweet potato and lima bean which is delicious, and sweet potato with miso and ginger.

Sweet Potato Pie: Great as either a side or dessert, sweet potato pie is a welcome addition to any Thanksgiving or late fall meal.

Sweet Potato Casserole: How can you have a list of sweet potato dishes without the casserole and its marshmallow topping? It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without this remarkable dish. So traditional, you might even imagine the pilgrims ate it.

If you are planning additional ways to give thanks this holiday season, why not contact Jerry’s Kitchen for great food truck catering options in the Greater Philadelphia area?


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