Monday, October 17th, 2016

Goji Berry Recipes That Are Almost Too Pretty To Eat Or Drink

Goji berries are a superfood that has crept its way into many of our favorite dishes and, luckily for us, this superfood is making these dishes a lot more beautiful. Here are some goji berry recipes that are almost too pretty to eat!

  • Goji berry superfood bites
  • Chrysanthemum tea with goji berry
  • Dragon fruit and goji berry smoothie
  • Goji berry and hemp acai bowls
  • Fig bircher with coconut and goji berry
  • Goji superfood chocolate bar
  • Goji berry and chocolate yogurt
  • Peanut butter goji granola bars
  • Vegan apricot walnut goji bars
  • Hazelnut cake with goji berries

Photo credit: China Sichuan Food

Photo credit: China Sichuan Food

You may enjoy goji berries for their immunity-boosting properties and high beta-carotene content, but let’s face it: they’re also just really, really pretty. The salmon-hued super fruit has managed to creep its way into some of our favorite and familiar dishes, though we’re certainly not complaining. Check out the recipes that may be too attractive to eat or drink.

Goji Berry Superfood Bites

We’d almost be too scared to pick these up. The trifled play on chocolate-covered strawberries looks like it belongs in an art museum. Luckily for you, it actually belongs to your mouth.

Chrysanthemum tea with goji berry

If we were invited to tea with the Queen, we’d like to imagine that this would be served. We do hope it pairs well with liquor, though. If you’re meeting the royal family, you’ve got to have something that will calm the nerves.

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