Host a Food Truck Catered Party

Everybody loves food trucks. Whether it is due to the convenience or how full your wallet still is after eating some of the city’s best food, people are hitting the streets for their next delicious and affordable snack. But, what if you did not have to search Twitter and Facebook to find your favorite food truck’s location, and instead they were coming to you? Well, if you hire them for your next get together, that is exactly what will happen!

Unlike many traditional caterers, food trucks prepare from scratch on site and cook them fresh to order while keeping your kitchen clean. Due to this, it is easy to have a larger number of food options while maintaining your budget because of the minimal labor and personnel involved. But, just because this may seem easy and painless, you still need to make plans in advance in order to ensure the food truck you want at your event is available. While in communication with the food truck, be sure to vocalize your expectations for the event and your plans for the evening.

So, whether you are throwing a birthday party for your daughter or it is your company’s business party, consider hiring a food truck for the event. It is a fun, inexpensive, and hip way to throw a party everyone will remember.


Who doesn’t love good food served fresh from a mobile kitchen that comes to you? Since the beginning of this culinary craze, hungry followers have scoured their neighborhood streets and Twitter feeds for their next inexpensive yet delicious snack, meal, or sweet treat. From dumplings to tacos, ice cream sandwiches to waffles, there is no limit to what these kitchens-on-wheels can produce. But have you ever considered hiring one to do the cooking for you at your next get-together?

Calling up a local mobile food vendor is a trend that’s on the rise. In lieu of traditional office parties, corporations in the….area have called in trucks to park outside the office and serve workers there (one firm entertaining in a sports stadium even had the truck drive right in). A group of 20-something California young professionals harnessed the power of food trucks to bring newcomers to the Palo Alto area together for a food truck party where guests could enjoy good food and make new friends. Sure, you’re going to get good, fresh food served to your guests without dirtying your kitchen (plus, it’s a lot of fun). But there are some things you should know and consider before calling up a truck in your area — and we’re here to help.

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