Pairing Vegan Food & Wine with Pro Sommelier Sunny Gandara

If you’re a vegetarian, you might be under the impression that wine pairing with vegetarian food is limited. The kinds of wines vegetarians and vegans will best enjoy with all-veggie foods are high-acid, low-alcohol, lighter reds and whites. But certain vegetables contain chemicals or components that are hostile to most wines and spoil their taste. Wine goes with them, but only certain wines. No matter which kind of wine you choose you can’t lose out. Most vegetable dishes — especially those prepared with a predominance of rice or pasta — aren’t much of a problem for wine, especially white wines.


Key Takeaways:

  • If you drink wine, check out Vegan Wines and their wine clubs.
  • Pair chickpea and vegetable curry with a bone-dry Riesling that is not sweet.
  • The acid found in organic tomatoes accents the acidity in the Riesling wine.


“What wine to serve with vegan food is a perennial question. Pairings work when the food makes the wine taste better, and the wine makes the food taste better.”

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