The Slow Cooker Month of January

As we all know too well, January can be a cold and unforgiving month—which is why we naturally gravitate towards hot foods to stave off that cold and keep our bodies and houses warm.

So, you might not be surprised to hear that the month of January is linked to different hot varieties of food. Among its many national titles, January is “National Hot Tea Month”, “National Oatmeal Month”, “National Soup Month”, and “National Slow Cooking Month.” Those consumables are sure to warm you up!

While slow cookers or crock pots may not be quite the same as crackling fireplaces, they definitely can generate some great heat in both the kitchen and our stomachs. They are great for chilies, stews and soups, so it is easy to understand why January would be designated the national month for slow cooking.

Crock pots have the added advantage of living on your counter, thus spreading the aroma of whatever dish you are cooking in your kitchen and beyond. Not to mention that whatever you are making is likely to last for a couple of delicious meals.

Perhaps you have never used a slow cooker, or remember the ancient slow cookers used by your parents and grandparents. But take heart and another look at the slow cooker. Technical progress has not left the crock pot behind, and today there are programmable and even automatic stir editions available. There are also multi-function pressure cookers, which serve other functions in addition to slow cookers.

Here are some slow cooker ideas to get your brain and stomach turning:

Chili: I am a huge fan of chili, for which crock pots are perfectly suited. Meat, turkey, or vegetarian, try out multiple varieties and see what you like best (maybe all?).

Soup: Or should I say, SOUP! The slow cooker could have been designed for soup. In it, you can make all varieties of soup, from traditional chicken and vegetable, to more contemporary creations like chicken Thai or butternut squash. There must be thousands of soup recipes out there for you to try.

Stew: Like soup, the slow cooker might have been designed for stew (as well as for beef bourguignon). While there is no obligation to brown or flavor the meat before it goes into the slow cooker, you will have a much tastier meat stew if you take a little extra time for this step.

In these cold winter months, stop by Jerry’s Kitchen to warm up with some delicious hot items. Our food truck catering services for the Philadelphia area can be kept in mind if you are planning an upcoming event.



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