Wedding Catering: Why Not Consider a Food Truck?

If you are planning (or hope to be planning) a wedding, you might consider a food truck for your catering needs. Food trucks in the Philadelphia region cater birthday parties, graduation parties, and other wonderful lifecycle events. A wedding is, perhaps, the greatest opportunity to make people happy with food.

wedding foodtruck

Why consider a food truck for your wedding catering services? For several good reasons:

  1. With less overhead, food trucks tend to be more cost efficient, and may provide a better cost-per-guest than regular caterers, especially if you are planning a small wedding. This is true even if you need to hire more than one food truck, which may be necessary, depending on the number of guests.
  1. With so many different food trucks and menus, there is no end of cuisine possibilities. Food trucks also tend to have rich food repertoires, and are able to cater to many different tastes and special needs.
  1. Because food trucks tend to be more casual, and people are not served at assigned tables but invited to serve and seat themselves, you can escape the typical script of most weddings (ceremony, followed by cocktails, sit-down dinner, first dance and dancing, cake and dessert, and more dancing). Your guests can eat, mingle, and dance as much as they choose, also freeing them to spend more time with each other and you.
  1. Another obvious benefit of food trucks is that they tend to excite people and offer a terrific ambiance of carefree festivity. There is no doubt that your guests will remember your wedding, and all the tasty food and fun that you provided.

Especially if you are a couple who prefer casual and fun to formal, food trucks may be a great choice.

Of course, there are important considerations to keep in mind if you decide to go with a food truck(s) to cater your wedding. Food trucks are not caterers, so they cannot provide all the service that regular caterers provide. For instance, food trucks do not come with servers who can ensure the easy distribution of food. Nor do food trucks come with full beverage service. In addition, food trucks need time to get a steady distribution of food going.

There are relatively simple solutions to all of these issues: Offer a table of crudité and other snacks, so no one has to wait to eat, but can snack during the entire event. Hire a coordinator, bartender, and servers who can organize food and beverage service, as well as clean up.

Of course, there will be more for you to do too. But by doing more yourself, you will also be able to ensure that you as a couple get what you want to celebrate your special day: Craft beer? Punch? Red, white, or rose wine? Ice cream? Cupcakes? There is no limit to what you can do! So you may want to consider the catering services of a Philadelphia food truck(s) for your special day.


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