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11 Superfoods You Should Know About

Superfoods are a great source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs. While everyone seems to know that kale and blueberries are superfoods, there are many more that you might not know about.

1. Acai
2. Goji Berries
3. Cacao/Cocoa Powder
4. Seaweed
5. Chia Seeds
6. Mangosteens
7. Maca Powder
8. Kefir
9. Hemp Seeds
10. Nutritional Yeast
11. Black Garlic


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Move over, blueberries and salmon. Give yourself a health boost with these lesser-known powerhouse foods.

What Are Superfoods?
Blueberries, kale, salmon—you’ve heard countless times about the nutritional benefits of these everyday ingredients, commonly labeled “superfoods.” There’s no official scientific definition of a superfood, but it’s generally accepted that superfoods contain high levels of much-needed vitamins and minerals. They can also be a source of antioxidants, substances that shield our bodies from cell damage and help prevent disease. While there are a number of common foods that provide these nutrients, there is also an array of more exotic and less mainstream superfoods that are worth getting to know.


Native to the rainforests of South America, the açai (pronounced ah-SIGH-ee) is a small purple berry that has been touted as a weight-loss and anti-aging aid. The fruit contains very high levels of antioxidants in the form of anthocyanins, which help fight cancer and heart disease. “It’s also one of the few fruits with oleic acid—the same heart-healthy fat in olive oil,” says Andy Bellatti, a Las Vegas-based registered dietitian. Because fresh açai is often unavailable, it’s typically sold frozen or in tablets, powders, or juices. Bellatti suggests avoiding açai juices, because they usually contain added sugar. “I recommend buying packs of unsweetened frozen açai that you can blend with any sweet fruit to make a smoothie without a lot of junk,” he says.

Available at natural-food stores and online; try

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