28 Dishes That Are Eggs-actly What We’re Craving

Gone are the days the eggs were only eaten at breakfast time. Today, eggs have managed to make their way into lunch, dinner, and even dessert! Here are some tasty ways to eat eggs at all times of the day:

  • Ahi poke – Arbella (Chicago)
  • Breakfast tacos – The Sinclair (Chicago)
  • Carolina shrimp – ACME (New York)
  • Golden galleon – Dove’s Luncheonette (Chicago)
  • Deviled eggs – Ditch Plains (New York)
  • Bacon & eggs – The Backroom at Moody’s (Boston)
  • Mac N cheese – BOA Steakhouse (Los Angeles)
  • Sol asylum – L’Apicio (New York)
  • Egg sandwich – Juliet (Boston)
  • Fried oyster benedict – Sink Swim (Chicago)
  • Lodge toast with chicken liver + egg – Dudley Market (Los Angeles)
  • Pisco sour – Mochica (San Fransisco)
  • Poached eggs puttanesca – Estrella (Los Angeles)
  • Surf & turf burger – The Franklin Room (Chicago)
  • Aeropuerto – China Chilcano (Washington D.C.)
  • Eggs benedict – Post 390 (Boston)
  • Deviled eggs – Tuome (New York)
  • Eggs all day – The Metrograph Commissary (New York)
  • Bibb Lettuce – Vee Vee (Boston)
  • Croque Madame – Zazie (San Fransisco)
  • Steak tartare – Hillside Supper Club (San Fransisco)
  • Carolina shrimp & grits – Whetstone Tavern (Philadelphia)
  • Eggs benedict – Locanda (San Fransisco)
  • Brunch plate – Fork (Philadelphia)
  • Egg dishes – Aldine (Philadelphia)
  • Egg dishes – Petrossian (Los Angeles)
  • Shrimp ‘a la plancha’ – fundamental LA (Los Angeles)
  • Arami ramen – Arami (Chicago)

Photo Credit: The Backroom at Moody's

Photo Credit: The Backroom at Moody’s

Once a breakfast-only tradition, eggs have made their way into every meal of the day and we couldn’t be more egg-cited. Wake up to lots of egg styles — like scrambled, fried or sunny side — take a mid-day break for deviled eggs, try a refreshing tuna tartare with an egg plopped on top, stir one into a hearty bowl of pasta or whip them into a delicious sauce to pour all over the perfect entree.

There are so many possibilities, we’re eggs-hausted just thinking about them all! Check out all the tasty ways to eat an egg.

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