Exploring Vegan Restaurants in Philadelphia and Other Tips for Vegans

As people become more conscious about their weight and overall health, they become keener on tweaking their lifestyles and finding more healthful habits. One of these habits is going for a vegan diet. Even celebrities have been raving about their love for plant-based diets and the benefits they gained from them. One of the highest paid A-list celebrities, Beyoncé, is the most recent vegan food aficionado.


A vegan diet can bring a bounty of health benefits, aside from those that Beyoncé has espoused (weight loss, increased energy and improved digestion, among others). Eating fibrous, nutritious and low-calorie greens and other fruits and veggies have been proven to lower blood cholesterol levels. This then translates to the power of plants to prevent, control or even stop heart disease. Likewise, the diet has also been a key prevention method for diabetes, cancer, stroke and other major diseases.

Most vegans stick to their diet by shopping for their own ingredients and preparing or cooking at home. Although there are a few vegan restaurants available, many still find it challenging to find establishments that serve the food they prefer. This can make eating out less enjoyable, and quitting or cheating on veganism easier and quicker.

Can you really eat out as a vegan and enjoy? Are there suitable options you can explore? Take a look at these tips before falling off the wagon:

Don’t be tempted to abandon your veganism

Always look back on your reason for adopting a plant-based diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, manage your chronic illness or prevent yourself from acquiring one, you always need to remember your goals before giving in to the temptation of eating meat.

Don’t be afraid to ask

If the restaurant you’re eating in isn’t known for vegan offerings, don’t hesitate to ask if they have vegan-friendly options available or if they can whip up one for you. From fancy dinner places to food trucks, restaurants nowadays are sensitive to the consumers’ needs, so they either serve plant-based dishes outright or are flexible to customize their menu items for you.

Don’t think that your choices are limited

You only need to look, and you’ll find that many food establishments already have what you’re looking for: vegan foods that are also delicious. Restaurants like Jerry’s Kitchen in Philadelphia even have vegan menus at the ready for those looking for casual dining or food truck catering. You don’t have to settle for plain Jane salads all the time. There are plenty of appetizing vegan foods out there for your enjoyment, so give them a try.



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