Top Trends in Catering for Lunch Meetings and Other Business Events

Lunch meetings are normally carried out in the office to save time and effort when you have a pressing agenda or a lot of private matters to discuss with your staff. Other corporate events like conferences or seminars can also be organized to develop the skills or broaden the knowledge of your staff or perhaps, to learn from other experts in your industry.

If you’re organizing any of those events, you must be particular with the details so you can guarantee the accomplishment of goals and the smooth success of the occasion. You have to pick the right event and outline the schedule, select the right venue in your office and tailor the arrangements to the purpose of the business event.
Don’t forget to plan the food that will be served in the lunch meeting or business conference. As small business experts and premier corporate event planners note, the decisions on a business event’s catering service can be a factor in encouraging participants and leaving positive impressions among attendees. That’s why allotting a fair budget for the food and beverages should be an integral part of planning the event.
Here are the other top trends to take note of and adapt to when planning the catering service for your lunch meeting and other business events:

Thinking of Food as Fuel

Although the taste of the food should be the foremost priority in your decision, you should also find dishes that are fortifying for your attendees. It will be an event where either urgent concerns or relevant information will be discussed, so you want your participants to have the energy to focus and contribute throughout the meeting.
You must avoid poor-quality food, high caffeine and high sugar beverages or desserts and alcoholic drinks as much as possible. All of these can negatively affect a person’s concentration. For instance, highly caffeinated or sugary stuff can give your participants a temporary high and an inevitable crash.

Serving a Variety of Options

Additionally, you have to consider the diversity of your attendees, especially in bigger corporate events. Serving healthy options or alternatives like vegan and gluten-free selections is a good practice to meet the needs of some people. This would portray your flexibility and keen attention to details.
Reliable establishments like Jerry’s Kitchen offer catering services in Philadelphia for business meetings and other events. Aside from their interesting takes on appetizing American food like cheesesteaks and chicken sandwiches, they can also serve vegan and gluten-free food in your upcoming event to help make it a success.

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